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Polikarpov I-17 (CKB-19) Soviet single-seat fighter prototype

Country of origin:Ukraine
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This product was added to our catalog on 08 May, 2011
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In 1934 at N.N. Polikarpov Design Bureau a unique fighter was created which in accordance with his flying technical characteristics could gather a speed of 500 km/h. The aircraft carried (was armed with) guns and was the incarnation of the latest achievements in the aircraft were carried out by the famous pilot V.P. Chkalov. In 1936 I-17 was on display at aircraft exhibitions in Paris and Milan, of course without arms as a sport plane. However the foreign press guessed right that it was a fighter. Aircraft specialists even named the supposed composition of its arms and flying technical characteristics. The plane’s shortcomings were also animatedly commented upon, namely small cockpit, insecurely system of extending and retracting of the landing gear, discomfort of operation. The aircraft never became a real fighter but it was that precise plane which was used for thorough development ot the aerodynamic scheme of monoplane aircraft with liquid-cooled engine and motor-gun installation on the eve of the Great Patriotic War.

That"s Amodel"s 1:72 scale I-17 fighter model. Measuring more than 107 mm long, with a wingspan of nearly a 140 mm. This plastic airplane model will take up a little space on your display shelf. However, its size does not take away from the detail or the quality of the 37 parts.
Tightly packed into the large box are 2 sprues for airframe and an additional 1 sprue for the other parts of airplane model, as well as one sprue with a clear part.
Instrustion is laid out like most other Amodel kits. The 4 pages and 4 steps are easy to follow. Full-color paint guide helps with colors.

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