Sevastopol Battleship, 1898 (Full Hull version)

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Battleship Sevastopol, 1898
Sevastopol - named after the city of Sevastopol, built by Galerniy Yard, St. Petersburg, laid down in 1892, launched in June 1895. She was commissioned in 1897 and was based at Port Arthur. The ship fought in the Battle of the Yellow Sea, but failed to escape and was scuttled during the Siege of Port Arthur. She was too badly damaged and scuttled in water too deep to be economically salvaged by the Japanese.
Prior th the war in the Far East, the ship was painted like that: sides, turrets, deckhouses, masts, fans – white; smokestack aprons – black; smokestacks – yellow; decking – natural wood; bridge coating – red-and-brown linoleum; gun barrels – blued steel; bow and stern decorations, stern name – gilded. Once the war began, it was assumed the combat pattern of the 1st Pasific Sqn: all above-water metal parts (except smokestack aprons and gun barrels) – dark olive-green.

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