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Yak-210 Soviet trainer aircarft

Country of origin:Ukraine
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This product was added to our catalog on 29 March, 2011
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The Yakovlev Yak-200 was a prototype Soviet multi-engine trainer built during the 1950s. A modified version was built as the Yak-210 for navigator training, but only one example of each was built before the program was cancelled in 1956.
The Yakovlev OKB began work in February 1951 on an aircraft that could be used as a cheap bomber trainer as the Yak-UTB (oochebnotrenirovochnyy bombardirovshchik — bomber trainer), but this was quickly split into two closely related versions, the Yak-200 for pilot training and the Yak-210 for navigator/bombardier training. The primary difference between them was in equipment; the Yak-200 lacked all of the specialized navigation and bombardier gear.
The Yak-210 carried a full suite of navigation equipment with which to train naviagators. The main distinguishing characteristic between it and the Yak-200 was an external radome under the rear fuselage for the PSBN-M (pribor slepovo bombometahniya i navigahtsii—blind-bombing and navigational device) search/bomb-aiming radar as was fitted on the Ilyushin Il-28. An OPB-6SR (opticheskiy pritsel bombardirovochnyy—optical synchronized bombsight) and a AFA-BA-40 camera were also fitted; the latter could tilt 15 aft to record bomb impacts. All this equipment weighed 860.5 kg (1,897 lb) which forced the fuel load to be reduced by 235 kg (520 lb) in compensation. Seats were fitted in the nose for the trainee navigator and his instructor.
The Yak-210 first flew on 1 August 1953 and it received some of the improvements given to the Yak-200 including the dorsal fin. Its radome was changed from its initial oval shape to a teardrop during testing. It could carry 300 kg (660 lb) of practice bombs.
All these modifications required time and the VVS ultimately decided that the Il-28U trainer met its requirements, despite the extra costs involved, and the program was cancelled.

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