WWII German Infantry Gun SIG-33 with Crew

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The sIG 33 (15cm Schweres Infanteriegeschutz 33) was developed by Rheinmetall at the same time as the 75mm IG18, and was first issued in 1927. It was designed for use against infantry, fortification, tanks, and armored vechicles. The gun was a conventional design with a horizontal sliding-block breech mechanism and the carriage was a two wheel box-trail type with a hydro-pneumatic recoil system in cradle below the barrel. The sIG33 was a reliable and robust weapon and was also successfully mounted an various different tank chassis. In 1939, 410 were produced and allocated to infantry battalions with each battalion fire support company armed with two such guns. Over 4155 sIG33 infantry guns were sent to battlefront units until 1945.
This scale model kit is of the type that has iron-tired spoked wooden wheels and a simplified straight shield.

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