Messerschmitt Bf 109 E (reissue)

Country of origin:Ukraine
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Unassembled plastic model kit Messerschmitt Bf 109 E

Initially Bf-109E-1 appeared in the fighting units of Luftwaffe in February 1939. The aircraft differed from its predecessor Bf-109D by a more powerful engine DB601A-1, 1050 h.p., three-bladed airscrew, enforced armament and better flying perfomances. After the transitional modification Bf-109E-2 that was produced in the quantity of only 25pcs, the firm developed new modification for mass production - Bf-109E-3 with DB601A engine powered 1175 h.p. and 20-mm gun that shot across the screw shaft. In total 1868 aircraft of E-3 modification were built. During summer and autumn of 1940 the modification Bf-109E-4 was being produced. This modification had improved guns MG-FF/M. In 1939 80 pcs of Bf-109E were sold to Switzerland, and 40 pcs - to Spain. During 1940, 40 pcs of these fighters were supplied to Hungary, 73 pcs - to Yugoslavia, 19 pcs - to Bulgaria, 69 pcs - to Romania, 18 pcs - to Slovakia, 5 pcs - to the USSR and 2 pcs - to Japan.
Technical and tactical specification of Bf-109E:
Lenght: 8,760 m
Span: 9,900 m
Max. start weight: 2610 kg
Maximum speed: 560 kph
Ceiling: 11000 m

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