HMVS Cerberus Monitor, 1870

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Resin kit. HMVS Cerberus is a breastwork monitor, a type of turreted warship designed in the 1860s by Edward Reed. Launched in 1868 to defend the Australian colony of Victoria, Cerberus was named after the three-headed mythical dog which guarded the entrance to Hades. Following Federation, the ship was absorbed into the Commonwealth Naval Force, which later became the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Cerberus was a steam-powered ironclad of revolutionary design, mounting four guns in two large turrets to the fore and aft of her superstructure. This was a drastic break with the traditional design of wooden warships and pointed the way forward to the battleships of the end of the nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth. She was the first major British warship to be powered entirely by steam, i.e. lacking sails.

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