An-24B Civil aircraft

ManufacturersEastern Express
Country of origin:Russia
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That's Eastern Express's 1:144 scale Antonov An-24B Civil aircraft.

Box in the traditional style of Eastern Express, bright and colorful, patterned. The box includes: 3 sprues + 1 sprue with canopy and 2 parts of fuselage, 67 parts. The kit is cleanly molded in grey plastic. Details include hull, small parts, decal and plastic clear parts . Instrustion is laid out like most other Eastern Express kits.

Historical information:

The Antonov An-24 (NATO reporting name: Coke) is a 44-seat twin turboprop transport designed and manufactured in the Soviet Union by the Antonov Design Bureau from 1957.
    The second 50-seat airliner version with one extra window each side, simple-slotted flaps replacing the complex double-slotted flaps and extended chord of the centre-section to compensate for the lower performance flaps. Some aircraft were delivered with four extra fuel bladders in the wing centre-section.

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