Georgi Pobiedonosetz Battleship, 1893

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• one piece hull
• resin small parts
• Photo-etched parts not included
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Historical information:

The Georgii Pobedonosets was a pre-dreadnought battleship built for the Imperial Russian Navy, the fourth and final ship of the Ekaterina II class. She was, however, only a half-sister to the others as her armor scheme was different and she was built much later than the earlier ships. She participated in the pursuit of the mutinous battleship Potemkin in June 1905, but her crew mutinied themselves. However, loyal crew members regained control of the ship the next day and they ran her aground when Potemkin threatened to fire on her if she left Odessa harbor. She was relegated to second-line duties in 1908. She fired on the Goeben during her bombardment of Sevastopol in 1914, but spent most of the war serving as a headquarters ship in Sevastopol. She was captured by both sides during the Russian Civil War, but ended up being towed to Bizerte by the fleeing White Russians where she was eventually scrapped.

The ship had following colouruing: the body, smokestack marks, paddle boats, cannon barrels, anchorand mooring equipment, sailyards - black, barbette above the deck, turrets, erections, pilot houses, ventilators, yardarms, hatches, cutters - champagne; smokestacks - yellow, the underwater part - red; the deck - lith wood, the fore and stern symbols and the name - polished bronez.

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