2cm Flak 30 sfl SdKfz.10/4 with SdAnh51 ammo trailer

Country of origin:Ukraine
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Started in 1932 as an Army request. Demag of Wetter-Ruhr developed prototype which was completed in 1934. First production model appeared in 1937. It was produced at Sauerwerke in Vienna, and from 1943 on primarily at Mechanische Werke at Cottbus.

It"s purpose was to carry 8 light infantry or tow weapons.
Some of the guns it towed were the:
37 mm Pak 35/36
50 mm Pak 38
75 mm leIG 18
75 mm Pak 40
150 sIG 33

2cm FlaK auf Fahrgestell Zugkraftwagen 1t (SdKfz 10/4), Demag D7: In 1938, a 2cm FlaK30 was mounted on the Demag DII 3 which was the predecessor of the D7. Sides and rear would fold down to create a platform.

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