S-125M Neva / SA-3 GOA Soviet air defense system

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The S-125 Neva (NATO name SA-3 Goa) Soviet surface-to-air missile system was designed to complement the S-25 and S-75. It has a shorter effective range and lower engagement altitude than either of its predecessors and also flies slower, but due to its two-stage design it is more effective against more maneuverable targets. In 1964, an upgraded version of the system, the S-125M "Neva-M" and later S-125M1 "Neva-M1" was developed. The S-125 is mostly obsolete now due to its short range and easily jammed radar but Serbian sources claim that despite this an S-125 system managed to shoot down an F-117 Nighthawk "Stealth Fighter" on March 27, 1999 during the Kosovo War (the only recorded downing of a stealth aircraft).

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