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MiG-29 "The Swifts" Russian aerobatic team

Country of origin:Russia
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This product was added to our catalog on 06 December, 2011
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That"s Zvezda 1:72 scale Swifts MIG-29 Aerobatic team.

The model size 24 cm

Box in the traditional style of Zvezda, bright and colorful, patterned. The box includes 5 sprues, at all 74 parts. The kit is cleanly molded in grey plastic. The plastic model kit includes 2 parts of hull, small parts, canopy, decal . Instrustion is laid out like most other diecast Zvezda kits.

Historical information:
The Swifts are a Soviet and later Russian aerobatic performance demonstrator team connected with the Russian Air Force.

In July 1983, the 234 Guards Fighter Regiment based in Kubinka air base was among the first regular aviation regiments to receive 4th generation fighters Mig-29. Regiment started tailoring a team of military pilots boasting perfect aerobatic techniques to carry out demonstration flights on Mig-29s in the mid-1980s, when the Air Force was just embarking on mastering aircraft of this type. Military pilots, headed by "Honored Military Pilot of Russia" Lieutenant Colonel A.N. Kutuzov, were tasked with perfecting aerobatics in a formation of six aircraft sometimes spaced three metres apart.

The team is considered to have officially been established on May 6, 1991, when it carried out demonstration flights under the name of Swifts or Strizhi for the first time. After the show, Air Marshal Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub personally decorated pilots of the aerobatic team with medals "For Strengthening Combat Commonwealth Between States"

In October 1991, the Swifts aerobatic team carried out its first demonstration flights abroad, when it paid a visit to the Swedish Uppsala airbase. The Swifts first public foreign demonstration took place in France in May 1992 during the air show, devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Normandie-Niemen squadron. The aerobatic team"s airmanship amazed experienced western public. The tight six-aircraft formation carried out almost every aerobatic stunt: oblique loop, loop-the-loop, barrel roll, etc. The flight formations constantly changed as well: the echelon formation transformed into the "envelope", the "cross", the "pyramid", the "wing", and the "star" formations. The demonstration flight ended with a spectacular break-up of aircraft to various directions, the so-called "tulip" break-up, followed by a volley of flares, fired by fighters.

In 1993 the Swifts took part in the LIMA"93 air show on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia, as well as air shows in Belgium and Thailand. At the Thailand air show the team"s aircraft mechanics did something astonishing with regards to assembling aircraft: four Mig-29s were dismantled and delivered to Thailand aboard an An-124 air transport, and Russian aircraft technicians and mechanics managed to get them operational within only three days. In 1995 the Swifts visited Sweden once again, and in 1997 the team paid a visit to Finland.

The Swifts aerobatic team has conducted 50 demonstration flights on an annual basis since 1991. Its pilots have visited in excess of 28 foreign states. The team traditionally participates in Tushino air parades and Zhukovsky air shows. The team"s pilots have repeatedly carried out demonstration flights during numerous celebrations, devoted to anniversaries of various cities, including the 850th anniversary of Moscow.

In 1993 the Swifts aerobatic team merited the title of the World"s Best Aerobatic Team, while in 1997 Nikolay Dyatel won the first prize in solo flying at the international air show in Finland.

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