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I-210(MiG-9) Soviet fighter

ManufacturersART Model
Country of origin:Ukraine
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This product was added to our catalog on 08 May, 2011
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The mass production of the powerful Shvetsov M-82 two-row radial engine began in May 1941 at Zavod 19 in Perm. A.I. Mikoyan, N.N. Polikarpov, P.O.Sukhoi and A.S. Yakovlev were given the task of trying to install this engine in their fighters. The first flyable engine was delivered to OKB-155 on 18 May, and the drawings for the prototype were ready in mid June, July 1 being the deadline for the first flight.
The new machine, called I-210 or MiG-9, differed from the standard MiG-3 by:
new enlarged fuselage to accommodate the new engine; the rear fuselage was widened too and had a more rounded section;
wing moved back by 100 mm for eg reasons;
new plywood panels on the fuselage sides;
aerodynamically balanced rudder;
horizontal and vertical tailplane enlarged (apparently greater chord than on late MiG-3s);
NACA engine cowling with four easily removable panels;
cooling airflow control as on the La-5 and I-185; it was made of shutters (probably 12+12) that could retract away behind the spinner by rotating on a side pin;
two side exhaust stacks;
four fuel tanks for a total of 488 l; the ventral tank was still protruding;
two oil coolers VMS-8 installed in a tunnel under the nose;
AV-5-127A propeller, with 3 m diameter;
armed with 3 UBS 12.7 mm with 200 rounds each, (and 2 ShKAS 7.62 mm with 650 rounds each on the last 3 prototypes); all weapons were installed in the nose;
main landing gear doors without opening access panel.

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