Parchim Pr.133 Small Antisubmarine Ship (Parchim I)

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Corvette Parchim, Project 133.1, GDR, 1981, 1/700

The Parchim class corvette (Soviet designation Project 133) was developed for the East German Navy in the late 1970s, and built by the Wolgast Peene-Werft. The ships were designed for coastal anti-submarine warfare. In case of an all-out NATO-Warsaw Pact war in Europe their prime targets would have been the small U-206 coastal submarines of the West German navy. The first ship, the Wismar (now the Indonesian Sutanto), was launched on 9 April 1981 in Rostock, and subsequently another 15 ships were build until 1986. To make production more economical, the Soviet Union agreed to purchase another 12 ships from Wolgaster Peenewerft, which were built between 1986 and 1990, thereby effectively subsidising the East German shipbuilding industry.

The ships of the Red Navy were named Parchim II by NATO. Though useful as a coastal ASW platform, the Soviet production of the very likewise but far more powerful Grisha class made this purchase even more illogical for the Red Navy. After German re-unification the former East German ships were sold to the Indonesian Navy in 1993. The Indonesian Navy extensively refurbished the Parchims sold to them to the point where the cost of refurbishing exceeded the cost of purchasing them. They are still in service, both in the Indonesian Navy and in the Russian Baltic Fleet.

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