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Yak-55M Soviet aerobatic aircraft

Country of origin:Ukraine
In stock
This product was added to our catalog on 29 March, 2011
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The Yak-55M was developed to meet a demand for an even more rapid rate of roll and to counter competition from the rival Sukhoi design studio. First produced in 1989, the aircraft features a more tapered wing of reduced span and area. Additional fairings were added to smooth out the tabs and balances. The canopy was given a fixed rear section, and the spinner was omitted. The project director was Yu. I. Yankevich, whicle V.M. Popkov was the chief engineer. The Yak-55M was selected for use by the Soviet aoerbatic team for the 1989 European Championships. Series production began in 1990 at Arsenyev, and by the end of 1993 a total of 106 had been built, though few have been built since.

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